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What Does the Federal Final Rule Change About Short Term Health Insurance?

If you’re shopping for Short Term health insurance, also called temporary health insurance, you’ve probably read a story or two about a federal Final Rule issued regarding temporary health insurance coverage.

The main result of this new federal Final Rule was to return the definition of Short Term Limited Duration Insurance to a term of less than 12 months (364 days). This means longer term lengths for Short Term health insurance will be available in some states. However, states still have the final authority to regulate Short Term insurance, so plan lengths are going to vary from state to state.

Short Term Health Insurance Still Fills Coverage Gaps

The features of Short Term insurance plans still make them an affordable and flexible health insurance choice for many people looking to bridge coverage gaps. For many situations, a temporary health plan may be the best health insurance choice available until you find a long term solution. The federal Final Rule hasn't changed that. Agency quotes a variety of plans from multiple national carriers to give you Temporary health insurance options. Let us help you find a Short Term insurance plan to fit your needs.

Short Term health insurance is …

Budget-friendly coverage with low premiums for those times you need a cost-conscious solution to fill your insurance gap.

Available to you at any time. You can apply for Short Term insurance coverage year round.

Quick application processing. Your temporary health insurance plan may be in effect as soon as the next day after you apply with some carriers.

Adaptable to your needs. Some carriers let you choose your deductible amount, add other coverages like accident and prescriptions, or cut your costs with options like paying your entire premium up front.

Flexible to changes in your life. When you’re ready to move on, you can drop your coverage.

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