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Looking for affordable health insurance that fits your life? Finding your medical insurance options too limited and too expensive? GetHealthInsurance offers a variety of Short Term health insurance plan options with multiple carriers to give you choices that fit your budget and work for where you are in your life right now.

Get quotes in seconds, apply in minutes, and if you qualify, get covered as soon as the next day!

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Short Term Plan Perks

  • Low premiums from multiple carriers
  • Different plans with different benefits = choice of costs
  • Deductible options
  • Coverage available year round
  • Quick and simple application process
  • Fast coverage, as soon as next day from some carriers

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What Short Term Health Insurance Is

Sometimes called Temporary health insurance or Term health insurance, Short Term health insurance provides health coverage during those “in between” times in your life, the changes that often come with a gap in your health insurance.
  • You’re between jobs or waiting for benefits to kick in at your new job
  • You’re waiting for Medicare or that Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage you applied for to start
  • You’re a college student, just out of school or coming off your parent’s insurance
  • You missed Open Enrollment for ACA health plans and don’t qualify for Special Enrollment
  • You lost coverage because of a divorce and are weighing your options
Whatever you are “in between,” whatever changes you are going through, if you are in good health and under 65, Short Term insurance can be a fast, flexible health insurance solution that could save you money.

What Short Term Health Insurance Isn’t

Short Term medical insurance is not minimum essential coverage (MEC) as defined by the ACA. So, Short Term health insurance plans are not required to include essential health benefits that ACA health plans have by law. Because of this, Short Term medical plans will vary in what they do and don’t cover.

Short Term insurance is also not guaranteed issue like ACA health plans are. Being guaranteed issue ensures that with an ACA health plan you cannot be turned down for coverage because of any preexisting conditions you might have. Short Term insurance is medically underwritten. It will not cover any preexisting conditions you might have. You must answer a series of medical questions and then be approved for coverage.

ACA Tax Penalty

Short Term health insurance does not meet the minimum essential coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. This means signing up for this Short Term medical insurance may result in tax penalties. Figure the cost of this penalty into your decision, and you may still find a Short Term plan a cheap health insurance option for you and your family. Remember, though, you’ll want to be sure the more limited benefits of a Short Term health plan make sense for your situation.

Choosing Short Term Health Insurance with GetHealthInsurance

Your situation is unique. You may not need all the benefits of an Affordable Care Act plan and want something more customized to fit your needs right now. With Short Term insurance available from multiple national carriers, GetHealthInsurance can help you find plans where you:

  • Select the length of your term down to the day
  • Pick your deductible amount
  • Choose your options, like whether to include prescription coverage or a doctor visit copay
  • Apply for another term of coverage if needed
  • Drop your coverage without penalty

Tips for Short Term Savings

  • Pay your whole premium up front
  • Choose a higher deductible plan
  • Choose a plan with fewer benefits
  • Pick a per cause deductible
  • Make sure your plan has a premium refund option
  • Stay with doctors/hospitals in-network


We Take Your Personal Short Term Health Insurance Decision Personally

Because GetHealthInsurance specializes in personal insurance, not employer-sponsored insurance, and because we offer Short Term insurance choices from multiple carriers, we can help you weigh your options before you spend any of your hard-earned health care dollars. Call 1-866-370-8160 to speak with one of our licensed Product Advisors today!

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5 Term lengths may vary by state and carrier. Plans with term lengths longer than 3 months must have an effective date of 3/31/17 or earlier.